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  • Are You Ready for West Portal's Traffic Armegeddon?


    “Big Infrastructure changes to West Portal Avenue’s water, sewage, road paving coupled with the closure of the Twin Peaks tunnel will have a dramatic impact on the West portal area for the next 18 months..”

    By George Wooding More...

  • Rafael Mandelman thanks Nancy Pelosi>

    City College: A Threat Averted, But Many Challenges Ahead

    “The last few years have been rough for City College of San Francisco, and I wish I could say that our wild ride was over. Unfortunately, I fear we may have a few more heart-stopping twists and turns still ahead before we finally can finally declare our troubles behind us.”

    Rafael Mandelman, President , Board of Trustees More...

  • Balboa Reservoir

    Housing Crisis

    Balboa Reservoir Plan Moves to the Next Stage

    “ What has been a cement eyesore and over-large parking lot for many years is now facing development, like almost everywhere else in the city, although the PLHC is making sure to get community approval and suggestions from meetings like this one in January, and again at the May 5th meeting.”

    By Maya Lekach


  • News Briefs Tag

    Settlement Reached —Forest Knolls Gets New Neighbors
    Renewed Controls On Massage Parlors?
    Parkmerced Terminates 32 Janitors and Handymen
    Likely Ballot Challenge to Short-Term Rentals (Airbnb) Filed

     Read More…

  • Quentin Kopp



    Ruminations of
    a Former Supervisor

    “In 1948, Carl Sandburg wrote in the epilogue to Remembrance Rock: “If she (America) forgets where she came from, if the people lose sight of what brought them along, if she listens to the deniers and mockers, then we’ll begin the rot and dissolution.”

    By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • City Hall in Blue and Gold

    Go Dubs!


    “I love our Giants and 49ers, but when it comes to an exciting, high energy, high paced game, they are no match to the Warriors. ”

    By John Farrell More...

  • Steve Lawrence

    Scoring Our Utilities

    Without the marketplace to provide correction, scorecards such as that provided by SFPUC are perhaps some assurance that costs do not grow too unreasonable.”

    Read More… By Steve Lawrence

  • Olson Lee

    San Francisco's Housing Crisis

    Housing Withers on the Vine

    “You know San Francisco's affordable housing production faces a severe crisis when almost half of voters disapprove of Mayor Ed Lee's performance.… One probable reason for the Mayor's high disapproval rating may be directly tied to his Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), which is notorious for its lack of transparency.”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • Crime Report

    Taraval Station APRIL REPORTS

    “The scam occurs when one suspect approaches a victim who is always alone. The suspect asks for directions and convinces the victim to assist him in getting to the destination.”


  • Tony Hall

    Speaking Freely

    Catholicism Anyone?

    "I am sure that many of the people who signed are well-intentioned, but for those who want a church designed around their own wishes, it would seem to me that other churches already exist that might better suit their needs.”

    By Tony Hall


  • Guest Opinion

    Not So Happy at Vape Lounge

    “Prior to Supervisor Yee’s motion to approve the Vape Lounge, he sang a very different tune and for good reason. ”

    By Anita Theoharris More...

  • Laguna Honda Hospital

    City Hall Watchdogs

    Laguna Honda’s Falling Star

    “… they exceeded the averages for California and US nursing homes. Therefore, LHH’s 2014 Health Inspection score plunged “below average” – to 2 stars. That triggered LHH’s fall from 5 to 4 stars overall.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr   Read More

  • Are You A Stakeholder In Your Park?

    “Prior to the adoption of each five-year plan, the Department shall conduct at least five hearings in locations distributed geographically throughout the City to receive and to consider the public’s comments upon the plan. The Commission shall ensure that at least two of these hearings are held in the evenings or on weekends for the public’s convenience.”

    By Katherine Howard   More...

  • parched earth

    Reinterpreting Laws

    “Is it the purpose of this bill to have San Francisco supply electric power and water to its own people?” Mr. Raker responded “Yes..”

    By Brian Browne More...


    Get Healthy Now

    Seven Surprising Boosts to Your Health


    “…during the winter months, load up on natural vitamin D from sun exposure. It may help with a variety of skin issues, and with combatting season-related mood disorders and allergies..”

    By Sharon Franzen More...

  • Re: Mayor's Housing Scam

    “It would be amazing if one of the City’s 20 billionaires pitched in toward housing or if Apple, Facebook, or Google paid something to help fight off the displacement their workforce is causing…”



    “ ...Suhr reiterated that the SFPD will respond to every call, though it may take several hours.”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • The Zone at the Pacific Expo




  • MAY 2015

    “Harding Park is in the spotlight as the World Match Play Championships, featuring the 64 top-rated golfers on the men’s tour, was contested last weekend. The course is beautifully manicured and the television coverage highlighted the beauty of San Francisco in its worldwide telecast. On a clear day, the world got a small glimpse of what we are fortunate to see every day. ”

    Read More

  • Brandon Miller

    Keeping an Eye on Interest Rates

    “While it may not be possible to eliminate all risk from the impact of rising rates, investors should exercise some caution.”

    By Brandon Miller  Read More

  • Dragon at the Hung Yi Exhibit

    Missed It?


    One of Taiwan’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, Hung Yi's “Fancy Animal Carnival” was at Civic Center Plaza from April 19 to May


  • Remember When?

    Parkmerced - Lake Merced 1948

    “ Notes: Written on back: “West of Twin Peaks (Lake Merced), Book 4, pp. 16-17 Published by permission from the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library.”


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