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  • Plan to Protect Neighborhoods from Fire Abandoned

    “No water to fight fires in southern and western neighborhoods could result from SFPUC's decision”

    By Thomas Pendergast
    and Paul Kozak


  • Westside “Highly Vulnerable” Fireman Warns

    “My message: There will be almost no emergency water supplies for the SFFD to use in these neighborhoods for fighting fires after the “big one” hits.”

    By Thomas Doudiet,
    retired assistant deputy fire chief


  • Far, far away in the shadows

    War on Residential Housing

    “The goal was to build the largest homes possible … there was little to no public transparency or meetings that included regular citizens, because Planning felt that its real constituencies were developers and architects.”

    By George Wooding More ...

  • Judicious SFPD Covertly Procuring Military Gear

    “The Posse Comitatus Act generally bars the use of soldiers in domestic policing. Soldiers are trained to kill and destroy while cops serve to keep the peace..”

    By Dr. Derek Kerr & Dr. Maria Rivero Read More ...

  • Quentin Kopp


    “Construction of a fake high-speed rail system began months ago in the Central Valley and state politicians proclaimed its worth in a hyperbolic press conference, but such construction doesn't include electrified rails, and runs from Chowchilla in Merced County to Wasco in Kern County.”

    Quentin Kopp
    Read More

  • Part 2

    The Real Heros

    “Now that we are in a recovery mode, our public officials need to review our infrastructure and emergency plans to ensure our preparedness in the future for the next potential catastrophe..”

    By John Farrell Read More ...

  • West of Twin Peaks Central Council

    Mostly about the Balboa Reservoir Project, but with a forewarning from George Wooding.

    By Mitch Bull

    Read More ...


    “Some believe the rock should stay. It is there, it protects. If it is removed, erosion may occur more rapidly than predicted….”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More ...

  • Did the DOJ Slam SFPD Using Fuzzy Math?

    “… ponder whether the DOJ went searching for statistics using fuzzy math to support an agenda handed to them, or if the DOJ was conducting genuine surveys to improve police relations and make our community safer.”

    By Lou Barberini

    Read More ...

  • The Species Invasion

    “Now, the Bay is a collection of exotic and native species, with no-one knowing what will be the dominant species next.”

    By Glenn Rogers More ...

  • <

    NOVEMBER 2017

    “Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Nevada County Fires...With the fires now being completely out, the hard work begins for everyone … Please continue to reach out to organizations who bring much-needed help and assistance to those impacted by the firestorms..” Read More ...

  • Brandon Miller

    How to Find Transparency in Your Financial Relationships

    “The next time you meet with a financial professional, I recommend asking them these questions to help find the insight and transparency you deserve…”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More ...

  • Meet With the Captain

    Tuesday, November 21 | 6 pm –7 pm Taraval Station Community Room

    October Crime Reports

    Our police are on the lookout for crime in the district. Read More ...

  • City Sues, But Continues Investing In, Big Oil

    “…it seeks a court order requiring defendants to abate global warming-induced sea level rise by funding an abatement program to build sea walls and other infrastructure needed to protect human safety, and public and private property …”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw Read More ...


    Get Healthy Now

    Boosting Your Immunity

    “Every fall and winter, up to twenty percent of us catch the flu. The average adult gets 2-4 colds per year, while kids get sick even more often. While many of us are resigned to getting sick at least once a year, there are ways to prepare for the coming season...”

    By Sharon Franzen More...

  • Remember When?

    Balboa Park 1928

    Company House and Restaurant Near Elkton Shops | October 1928. Published by permission of the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency Photo Library

    More ...

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