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  • Taraval's Transit-Only Lanes Trouble Merchants

    “Simultaneously, the Controller’s Office released a study of SFMTA’s community outreach³. It was conducted because, “Members of the public report that notification can be inadequate and that SFMTA can appear to make decisions regardless of the public input received.”

    By Dr. Derek Kerr Read More

  • The Thrill Is Gone for Neighbors of Outside Lands

    “According to the City’s own data, noise complaints in 2018 more than tripled over the average of prior years.–

    By George Wooding More ...

  • Taraval's Jeff Adachi's Last Case

    “…16 female inmates alleging that some were strip searched in view of male deputies … Once naked, the women were ordered to lift their breasts then squat, spread their genitalia and cough for vaginal and anal exams. They felt humiliated and degraded..”

    By Dr. Derek Kerr Read More

  • Yabba Dabba
    Do It!

    “Everyone loves the Flintstones! They’re the modern stone-age family. From the town of Bedrock. They’re a page right out of history. If you don’t have a smile on your face right now then kick yourself.”

    By John Farrell Read More ...

  • City Still Not Prepared for the Big One!

    “SFPUC is hoping the Sunset Reservoir can be refilled 24 hours after an earthquake with Hetch Hetchy water from 167 miles away and piped up the peninsula along side of the San Andres fault... The ravages of fire will continue unless suppressed by water, lots and lots of water, when and where it is needed.”

    By Nancy Wuerfel Read More ...

  • Pac Heights Denizen In SFERs Swamp

    “… he will fit in perfectly in the SFERS’ swamp. Perhaps Heldfond can even direct City business to one of his enterprises so at least he gets compensated for his altruism.”

    By Lou Barberini Read Lou's Account ...

    Regime Churn if SFERs Trustees

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw Read Patrick's Account

  • Quentin Kopp

    “…San Francisco’s most wasteful (and unhappy) current transportation project, the Municipal Railway’s Central Subway Project, now 10 years in length.
    MUNI tax-eaters publicly represent the current cost as $1,600,000,000, which is more than half a billion more than the original proclaimed cost. A better sobriquet is the “billion-dollar-per-mile subway” …”

    Quentin Kopp Read More ...

  • Environmentalk

    Lights Out for the Birds!

    “Over 200 species migrate through the Bay Area … Turning off unnecessary lighting at night … saves the lives of these wayfarers as they wing their way over our sleeping neighborhoods.”

    By Katherine Howard

    Read More

  • Embezzlement in the 'Hood

    “… job involved booking parties and events in the Association’s Forest Hill Clubhouse community facility and depositing the rental income in the Association’s bank account. Discrepancies between amounts billed to clients renting the Clubhouse, and amounts deposited?”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

    Read More

  • Around the Town

    APRIL 2018

    The Westside Observer was honored by the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California Chapter with the Freedom of Information Award … “The publication stands out among San Francisco’s neighborhood newspapers for … public records disclosures that shed light on city government and promote community engagement.”

    By Mitch Bull

    Read More ...

  • Monarch Overwintering in Pacific Grove

    “ Milkweed used to be abundant along the side of roads and was frequently found growing along crops grown for food. With the spraying of the land with Roundup, and the use of pesticide-resistant produce, Milkweed, so important to the existence of the Monarch Butterfly, has diminished.”

    Read More

  • Brandon Miller

    Spring Cleaning for Your Portfolio

    “Isn’t getting what you really want in life worth an hour or so of your time to do a little portfolio tidying up?”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More ...

  • West of Twin Peaks Central Council


    “Planned changes to Sutro Tower… both the history of the tower and planned changes that will be started this year if approved by the SF Planning Department.”

    By Mitch Bull Read More ...

  • Meet Our New Captain Rainsford - Tuesday, April 16 | 6 pm –7 pm Taraval Station Community Room

    Captain's Report

    “As we transition into Spring … sun can shine directly in your eyes, and reflections can hit from different angles, and we can all get a bit more relaxed while driving in what we think are better conditions, but we must remain attentive to safe driving. ”

    Read More ...

  • ">

    Larsen Chicken Ranch

    “At the turn of the 20th Century, before the 1906 Earthquake, Carl Larsen, a carpenter and rancher supplied fresh eggs and other staples to the Tivoli Restaurant downtown, which Larsen also owned.”

    Read More…

  • SF Libraries Waive All Fees

    “Two months into an intensive Library Users Association campaign to broaden the scope of S.F. Public Library’s January fines and fees initiative, the Library Commission did that this week, at its regular Thursday, March 21, 2018 meeting.”

    By Peter Warfield

    Read More ...

  • Senior Smarts

    Advance Care Planning

    “Dealing with a serious illness is hard. But a little forethought and planning can go a long way…you’ll be more ready and prepared when you get one of those early morning jarring phone calls.”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More

  • Remember When?

    WPA's West Portal Branch Celebrates 80 Years

    The first West Portal Branch Library was … opened to the public on May 2, 1936. Just three years later, on May 8, 1939, the Branch was re-opened in a new building designed by architect Frederick H. Meyer and constructed by the Works Progress Administration for a cost of $109,090.

    Read More ...

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