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  • Cannabis Green Rush: Medical Impacts

    “… the "Adult Use of Marijuana Act", ended cannabis prohibition … Garnering 57% of votes statewide - and 74% in San Francisco - it legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996.” By Dr. Derek Kerr & Dr. Maria Rivero Read More

  • 250 Laguna Honda Housing Makes No Sense

    “…the local media framed the development as a battle between the “rich” Forest Hill residents and the “poor.” The Forest Hill neighborhood was immediately portrayed in the local media as evil wealthy people oppressing the elderly poor.”

    By George Wooding More ...

  • Time's Up

    City Hall’s Dirty Little Secret

    Sexual Harassment in City Government

    “at least 34 sexual harassment and sexual discrimination lawsuits filed by City employees against the City have cost at least $9.1 million since 2007. City Attorney time and expenses fighting the lawsuits cost $5.2 million (57.2%), and $3.9 million (42.8%) was paid as settlements to plaintiffs.”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw Read More

  • Smash & Grabs Rile Westsiders

    “…like modern-day raiding parties. The crime itself is usually carried out in less than a minute; one suspect keeps a lookout, another smashes the car window and grabs.”

    By Jonathan Farrell

    Read More…

  • Quentin Kopp


    “Construction of the Central Valley's non-electrified segment began last year with the typical political ground-breaking ceremony to misrepresent the bastardization of high-speed rail…even though all the right-of-way by eminent domain…was not secured.”

    Quentin Kopp
    Read More

  • Wading in Dangerous Water?

    “A UC climatologist predicts that California will get 10-15% less rain than it is used to. Moreover, climate change will bring high pressure ridges that keep storms to the north and west.”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More ...

  • How Bout Them Progressives?

    “At the January 23 Board of Supervisor meeting the progressives (Supervisors Peskin, Kim, Ronen, Fewer and Yee) along with moderate Supervisors Mark Farrell and Jeff Sheehy collaborated to appoint Supervisor Farrell the Interim Mayor until the June election.”

    By John Farrell Read More ...

  • The Race to the Mayor's Office

    “Now the race to replace Mayor Lee has begun and the Westside residents will have the chance to meet the candidates: United Irish Cultural Center on 45th@Sloat Blvd., Feb 28th ”
    Read More…

  • Laundering Influence: SFPD's Charities

    “The PAL is a quasi-public funded 501(c)(3) … to counter San Francisco's then-growing "juvenile delinquency problem" by organizing youth sports, and other healthy activities. The PAL gets rent-free use of the SF government-owned SFPD Academy. In addition… taxpayer dollars are commingled into the funding of the PAL.”

    By Lou Barberini

    Read More ...

  • FEBRUARY 2018

    “Fire Aftermath…the City's Department of Economic and Workforce Development has activated the Small Business Disaster Relief Fund to assist the owners of the three businesses damaged in the 3-alarm blaze on West Portal Avenue last week. ” Read More ...

  • Brandon Miller

    Does the new tax law help or hurt you?

    “The President called the new tax law a “big, beautiful Christmas present” for Americans. Now that we’ve had a little time to unwrap the impact of the new tax code, let’s see if you got a shiny diamond—or a lump of coal.”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More ...

  • Meet With the Captain

    Tuesday, February 21 | 6 pm –7 pm Taraval Station Community Room

    January Crime Reports

    Our police are on the lookout for crime in the district. Read More ...

  • Remember When?

    Opening Day — K Line, 1918

    Opening Day Celebration for the K Ingleside Line with Large Crowd at Portola Drive and West Portal Avenue Half of Panorama | February 3, 1918 Published by permission of the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency Photo Library More ...

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