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  • District 7 Alert!

    “We all agree that our City is in need of affordable housing. But one of the main concerns is that the City is in a reactive mode, pushing through projects without due diligence, like proper neighborhood input. This is the case with the proposed 5 story, 150 unit senior housing project at 250 Laguna Honda Blvd.”

    By John Farrell More...

  • Westside Wins the Clean & Tidy War, but Watch Your Step

    “ Supervisorial District's 7 and 4 have less human feces, hypodermic syringes, broken glass, graffiti, and homeless people than any other supervisorial districts in San Francisco”

    By George Wooding More...

  • Show-Down on Cronyism and Conflicts of Interest

    “…appearances matter. Perceived high-profile entanglements fuel claims of "favoritism" and erode the sense of organizational integrity that keeps employees loyal and motivated.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr Read More

  • Time to End Our Parks' Forests?

    “San Franciscans love their trees. Nearly 80% of us voted last month to set aside money in the budget to maintain street trees. But there are those who consider trees in parks as little more than “invasive weeds” and want them cut down.”

    By Nancy Wuerfel and Sally Stephens More...

  • Speaking Freely

    Sanctuary City SF Style

    “According to the Center for Immigration Studies … Of the 8145 released, 63%, or 5,131 were previously convicted, or charged with a serious crime and labeled a "Public Safety Concern.”

    By Tony Hall More...

  • What Price for a Seat at the Table

    “That Herb asks detailed, tough questions of SFERS’ investment staff and consultants about proposed investments shows he’s doing a great job at “due diligence” as a fiduciary to protect our Pension Fund’s investments. That doesn’t make him “disruptive,” as you allege.”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw


  • SF PUC Watch

    “you now pay about $1500 per year for water and sewer service. Next July rates go up nearly 12%. While future rates are not set (next: Spring 2018), expect similar increases for the foreseeable future. .”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More…


    Former West of Twin Peaks Observer Owner and Publisher Phyllis Sherman passed away on November 25. A transplanted "easterner," she took San Francisco by storm and spent over 36 years of her life in the City by the Bay.

    Read More…

  • West of Twin Peaks Central Council

    “The November (and 2016's last) meeting of the Central Council was a relatively quiet affair compared to the October meeting, but still provided updates to several large projects that will affect the Westside neighborhoods.”

    By Mitch Bull


  • birds wait at Lake Merced

    Restore Lake Merced

    Big Plans for Lake Merced?

    These are wonderful concepts, but is there going to be a budget for new staff to maintain it?"

    Tony Taylor Read More…

  • Lou Barberini

    Dude, Where is My Investment?

    “why has the San Francisco Employee Retirement System (SFERS) left public employees' $3 billion deferred comp so convoluted that no one can define what type of investment it is?”

    By Lou Barberini

    Read More…

  • DECEMBER 2016

    Remembering Phyllis… it is difficult to sit here and bang out a column and not be moved by the passing of former Observer Owner and Publisher Phyllis Sherman on November 25, at the age of 88. She was one of the brightest people I know, a voracious reader and a news junkie.”

    Read More

  • Pinocchio - Noses are getting longer

    “Its brilliance, as expressed in its two sage reports (2001 and 2002), was ignored and business as usual has since prevailed.”

    By Brian Browne


  • Brandon Miller

    How to Be Financially Prepared for the Holiday

    “If you feel like you've overspent in the past, look at this holiday season as an opportunity to be creative as you find ways to have fun while keeping your spending in line..”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More

  • On Officer Downs and Cell Phone Arrests,

    “We are especially grateful for the thoughtful well wishes and concern for Officer Kevin Downs and are happy to share with you that Officer Downs has recently been released from the rehab center and will be continuing and finalizing his recovery in the comfort of his home…”



  • Senior Smarts

    Hypothermia in Seniors

    “ Winter is the coldest season of the year—December through early March. Winterlike weather sometimes occurs in November or even earlier, and as late as May. Winter storms produce large snowfalls in some areas.. ”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More

  • Remember When?

    Fox Theater 1963.

    Fox theater on Market Street advertising a sale before being demolished in 1963. The Fox Theatre was the largest movie palace in San Francisco from its opening in 1929 until its demolition in 1963. On the 50th anniversary of this sad event, some extremely rare footage was unearthed in the Oddball archive of the interior of the theater as well as the Fox's closing night party featuring Hedda Hopper.


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