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  • McCowin Incarceration

    The Shame of Rec and Park

    "Despite thousands of votes still remaining to be counted, the Recreation and Park Department started construction on the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields artificial turf project at 5:00 a.m. on November 5th, just nine hours after the polls closed.”

    By Kathleen McCowin   More...

  • Mayor Ed Lee

    Best of the Net

    Four more years — without opposition?

    “… With Mark Leno officially taking himself out of the 2015 mayor’s race, there’s a real possibility that Mayor Ed Lee will run essentially unopposed – and that would have a ripple effect on more than the city’s top job.”

    By Tim Redmond


  • City Hall Watchdogs

    Ousting Laguna Honda's C.O.O.

    “ Perhaps Decker Co. did excellent work at lower rates than their 6 competitors. Still, the relationship between Mike Llewellyn and Rachel Decker should have sparked concerns…””

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr   Read More

  • Lets Stop This Before It Happens Again

    “I recommend that the City get out of their “Let’s Set Up a Task Force” or “Let’s Do Another Study” mode, and ... “Just Do It.”

    By John Farrell


  • Quentin Kopp

    Ruminations of a Former Supervisor

    "Meanwhile, a whistleblowing former employee lawsuit against Recology, Inc. in San Francisco Superior Court for cheating San Francisco and California taxpayers in recycling activity, which resulted in a $1,800,000 jury verdict last July...”

    By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • SFPUC Don’t Experiment With Our Drinking Water

    “…secret negotiations amazingly reset the allocations for San Francisco back to 81 MGD and advanced the peninsula’s ad infinitum assurances to 185 MGD. That was the first betrayal. The second betrayal was that not all the 81 MGD allocated to San Francisco would come from pristine Hetch Hetchy sources.”

    By Brian Browne


  • Notorious Crooks of San Francisco

    The Moskowitz Kidnapping

    ““I am being held prisoner by some men. They want $500,000 ... get it for them right away or you won’t see me again. Do not let police or authorities know ”

    By Paul Drexler More...

  • Anmarie Mabbutt

    The Fleecing of San Francisco

    "The Board of Supervisors should request a comprehensive audit of the Recreation and Parks Department…"

    By Anmarie Mabbutt More...

  • SF Brownie Troop

    West Portal People

    Girl Scout Troop Leads Thousands in Anti-bullying March

    “…the national Million Misfit Sock March for the second year in a row. The annual march is a demonstration against bullying and a celebration of differences, symbolized by participants wearing mismatched socks. ”


  • David Pilpel

    An Ethically Troubled Ethics Commission

    “Although Pilpel claimed to be speaking as an individual … he switched from using the first person “I,” into using multiple times the third person “we,” again appearing to be speaking on behalf of, and representing, the Task Force.…

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • Taraval at the Beach

    Public Works

    Taraval Street Construction Underway

    "The Taraval Streetscape improvements include more visible crosswalks, enhancing pedestrian safety along the corridor; a public seating area, new landscaping and street trees to revitalize the stretch; and streetlight upgrades and roadway paving...”


  • Black Sands Beach

    Hidden Gems

    Black Sands Beach

    "...a beautiful scalloped beach staring back at you, that is Black Sands Beach. It is remarkably easy and fast to get to and it is like an entirely different experience than going to the beach in the city.”

    By Michael Moran




    “The project ... is awaiting a hearing at the Planning Commission, and Spinali explained that Safeway has been very cooperative in seeking community input throughout the process and has made changes in the project to incorporate citizen feedback ”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • December 2014/January 2015

    “Holiday lights…and Santa’s on the way…Each year, the time seems to go by faster and faster. Here in the newspaper business, by the time we get a copy out on the street we are planning out the next one, as the calendar clicks by at its rhythmic rate. ”

    Read More

  • Senior Smarts

    Coping with Holiday Bereavement

    “This article is intended to provide solace for families coping with an anticipated loss or who have lost a family member this year. ”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More

  • Joanne Jordan and Brandon Miller

    Preparing for the "Fiscal Cliff"

    “The effect these changes would have on individuals over the next year could be dramatic, anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or more in increased taxes for 2013 depending on individual circumstances.”

    By Brandon Miller and Joanne Jordan  Read More

  • Remember When?

    Ascension Balloon at Ocean Beach 1886

    Balloon Ascension, Ocean Beach San Francisco, 1886


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