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  • SEWERGATE: Gushing Costs and Profits in City's

    “Herrera maintains he fired Hoeper for "sub-par performance" and "making reckless and unsupported charges1." To defend himself and the City Attorney's Office, Herrera retained "outside counsel" - the elite law firm Keker & Van Nest. Its August 2014 sole-source, no-bid contract granted $850/hour for an unbounded sum, "Expected to exceed $50,000." Now we know by how much.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr

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  • The Bottom Line

    The Leaning Tower of SOMA

    Guess Who's Getting Stuck With the Bill?

    “Taxpayers are now at risk of paying hundreds of millions of dollars for this beautiful tilting/sinking luxury building debacle, and to top it off, the Transbay Terminal project is already over its budget by $1 billion dollars.”

    By John Farrell More...


    “All of the District 7 Board of Supervisor candidates were asked identical questions. Responses to each question were limited to a maximum of 60 words. Candidates were not allowed to answer questions in a way that would allow readers to guess who they were.”

    By George Wooding More...

  • Circling the Wagons Around Our Coyotes

    “…let's stop removing dense, impenetrable (to humans and dogs), large areas of underbrush and thickets which coyotes use as harborage. In urban settings with so many people and dogs, coyotes need these areas to escape into.”

    By Janet Kessler


  • Quentin Kopp

    Ruminations of a
    Former Supervisor

    “(San Diego taxpayers) who'll be asked in the November election to raise San Diego's hotel tax from 12.5% to 16.5% to pay for a $1,800,000,000 new football stadium and convention center … although the Chargers will contribute…a mere one third of the total cost. Billionaire professional sports team owners continue to use taxpayers to subsidize their moneymaking toys…".”

    By Quentin Kopp


  • OPEN GOVERNMENT: Two Crucial Measures

    “sole discretion" would be replaced by a requirement that the Housing Commission hold open-to-the-public hearings to develop a five-year plan for affordable housing projects, creating greater transparency and accountability. ”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw


  • The Proposed Housing Development Commission — Prop M

    “Supervisors Peskin and Tang square off on the controversial issue.”


  • Tony Hall

    Speaking Freely

    He's Got My Vote

    “… I know how hard it is to try and function as a true and honest representative of the people who place their trust in you.”

    By Tony Hall


  • Crime Report

    Crimes in the District

    “Next Neighborhood Safety Taraval Community Relations Forum Meeting:
    September 20 • 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Taraval Station”



    Down the Drain

    “But while officials ask for $300 million here and there in almost every election — for the sewer system, $7 billion — that's 7,000 millions — goes right under the ballot radar."”

    By Steve Lawrence

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  • Prop C: A Big Bang for Our Bucks

    “…what's the impact to Taxpayers from Proposition C? Nothing. Updating the 1992 bond would address today's housing needs without any increased costs to voters.”



    “Saturday, September 10th at 10:00 AM for the District 7 Supervisor Candidates Forum (sponsored by this publication) at the Forest Hills Clubhouse, and is planning a standing room only crowd...”

    By Mitch Bull


  • SEPTEMBER 2016

    “It seems like "déjà vu" all over again … it's 2016 and we are treated to another visual of a tree limb falling in a SF public park and severely injuring a citizen. In 2008 a branch fell from a redwood tree in Stern Grove and fatally injured a local citizen who was putting her dog into her car.”

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  • Responding to the SFPUC

    “Serious thought must be given to adjust the marginal cost (supply) of resource use, especially during drought cycles. It is not obvious that the SFPUC has seriously considered this in its complex and implosive rate algorithm. There is no mention of "identification" as to supply vs. demand shifts.”

    By Brian Browne


  • St. Cecilias: 100 Years Young

    “2017 marks the 100 Year Anniversary of the Saint Cecilia Parish community - an impressive milestone and testament to the strength of local Catholic parish community in the Parkside district. While the architecturally impressive church building at 17th Avenue and Vicente was dedicated in 1956, the original church was established at 1215 Taraval Street in 1917.”

    By Liam Reidy


  • Wild West Comes to the Big City

    70th Grand Rodeo & Livestock Show

    “For 70 years the Cow Palace has been celebrating the old west and inspiring youth to take part in the agriculture industry through their annual Grand National Livestock Exposition, Horse Show and Rodeo event.”


  • A Festival of the Unexpected

    Outside lands

    “Outside Lands is a three day vacation from the ordinary without ever having to leave the city, and with the added advantage of getting to sleep in your own bed after marathon days' end.”

    By Wendy Oakes


  • Brandon Miller

    6 Things You May Not Know About Medicare

    “The federal government and most states provide resources to help you understand your options and guide you through the Medicare enrollment process. It's good to be prepared – start learning more today so you're ready when you become eligible for Medicare coverage.”

    By Brandon Miller

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  • Senior Smarts

    Weather Forecast Preparedness: Hot Weather

    “As I am writing this article, the weather is 62° and sunny. Bay Area forecast: "Coastal fog and low cloud will be possible again, particularly in the morning. Skies will be mostly sunny across the interior, with highs reaching the middle 90s in spots.”

    Anise J. Matteson
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  • Remember When?

    St. Francis Wood district • 1912 Source: Greg Gaar. Published by permission of the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library.


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