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  • Laguna Honda Grapples with Fleeing Patients

    “... LHH managers are publicly acknowledging the exodus and testing ways to reduce “unplanned discharges.” Unplanned discharges refer to patients who sign out of the hospital Against Medical Advice (AMA), or who simply walk out, Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL). ”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr

  • The Shame of San Francisco

    The Homeless No-one Talks About

    “The availability of "beds" in facilities that accept Medi-cal or who charge lower fees are a vanishing breed. The result is that those who cannot pay, or who must "spend down" for Medi-cal, have to leave the county.”

    by Dr. Teresa Palmer Read More ...

  • Participatory Budget:

    Your Chance to Spend Your Own Taxes

    “District 7’s participatory budget (PB) process has begun. Residents have until January 5, 2019, 11:59 PM to submit a project that will qualify for a piece of the $650,000 that Supervisor Norman Yee has acquired for District 7.”

    By George Wooding

    More ...

  • Following Her Untenable Legislative Track Record

    Mayor Needs to Clean House at DHR

    “Breed’s inaction while Board president caused a two-and-a-half-year delay, with the whistleblower protection amendments languishing unheard at the Rules Committee.”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw Read More

  • Quentin Kopp

    Timely Observations

    “ 71% of Americans can't identify the Constitution as the supreme law of the land... and 10% of college graduates ... thought Judith Sheindlin (aka Judge Judy) is a U.S. Supreme Court justice.”

    Quentin Kopp Read More ...

  • California's Fish/Water Quandry

    “The past few weeks have been turbulent for SFPUC (water-sewer-power). Environmental interests pressured SFPUC hard to support the State's Bay-Delta Plan, which would help fish but curtail SF's water supply. The State's plan is to send lots more of water down-river. Non-governmental fish/environmental organizations (NGOs) agree..”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More ...

  • December 2018 / January 2019 Calendar

    “Though Rec & Parks denied SantaCon a permit request for amplified sound to host costume contests and a singalong for this year’s event, Santas won’t be deterred. Even though it won’t be a City sanctioned event, thousands of Santas, Mrs. Clauses, Elves, reindeer, and grinches will continue the holiday caper, without a singalong or a contest.”

    Read More

  • A Call for Care

    "Both the Navigation Complex and temporary RV parking would result in a higher quality of life in our City by safer and cleaner streets. And it would substantially reduce the costs of services currently provided by Police, Fire, Public Works, and Public Health"

    By John Farrell More...

  • My 2 ¢

    Monetizing the White House

    “This nation needs someone who knows how to sell the presidency and the current occupant seems the perfect match. He's already presented a Medal of Honor to the wife of his largest donor.”

    By Will Durst

  • West of Twin Peaks Central Council

    “The November and final meeting of 2018 for the West of Twin Peaks Central Council featured a lighter than usual turnout. President Mark Scardina set the agenda to focus on community, including the D7 preparatory budgeting process, and building a strong and connected neighborhood through NERT training.”

    By Mitch Bull  Read More ...

  • The Soil Will Save Us

    “IIf the microbes that nurture soil productivity die, what is left is infertile, dry dust – the kind that covered the Southern Plains during the 1930's Dust Bowl .... But agriculture can also be harnessed to restore the land while solving another serious problem: global warming..”

    By Kathy Howard Read More…


    “Holiday cheer is easy to find in the city …and much of the fun is free, or very reasonably priced. Here is a short list (not even remotely comprehensive) of fun holiday things to do and places to see. So, get into the holiday spirit and foist yourself out of your armchair and into the city, one of the best places to be! ”

    by Mitch Bull Read More ...

  • SFER's Limo and Vacation Fund

    “Limo Bill" claimed there were no taxis available in Manhattan, so he was "forced" to take a limousine to the airport. Really? No taxis were available in all of Manhattan, but "Limo Bill" was able to flag down a limousine in the middle of the street? Has Coaker not heard of Uber?”

    By Lou Barberini

    Read More ...

  • Brandon Miller

    Why Releasing Your Inner Santa Is a Good Thing

    “.. look at what you have, or will have, minus what you need for the rest of your own life. Whatever is left you can spend as you wish on whatever you like.”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More ...

  • Meet With the Captain-Tuesday, October 16 | 6 pm –7 pm | Taraval Station Community Room

    Taravel Police Reports

    “... one of the busiest shopping times of the year. We recommend that you stay alert when using electronic devices: limit your distractions, be aware of your surroundings and have your keys in hand as you approach your vehicle. Park Smart: avoid vehicle break-ins by leaving nothing visible in your car.” Read More ...

  • Remember When?

    SF Fire Department Engine 39 at 1091 Portola Drive • Apr. 17, 1941

    “Engine Company No. 39 was formed in 1908 at a station on Geary Street, but was relocated to Portola Avenue in Miraloma Park in 1923. The original station was made of brick and featured a massive tower, made even more imposing since there weren't many other buildings nearby.” More ...

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