About Our Paper

The Society of Professional Journalists recently awarded the Westside Observer, a 32 year-old and trusted neighborhood newspaper, with its James Madison Freedom of Information Award.

The Observer is a monthly newspaper serving the westside of San Francisco with 20,000 copies every month, 12,000 delivered door-to-door, ten months of the year (no issue in August or January) to the following: Diamond Heights, Forest Hill, Forest Hill Extension, Forest Knolls, Golden Gate Heights, Ingleside, Lakeshore, Lakeside Village, Merced Manor, Midtown Terrace, Miraloma Park, Mt. Davidson, Park Merced, Parkside, St. Francis Wood, Sloat Boulevard, Stonestown, Sunnyside, Twin Peaks, West Portal and Westwood Highlands.

The remaining issues are distributed through the 15 designated racks and at key drop-off points such as merchants, banks, markets and public libraries.

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