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What's Up Westside?

  • Tree House
    City Hall's End Run Around Environmental Review
  • Planning to 'streamline' CEQA?

    ... projects that formerly might have needed extensive review under CEQA would be approved unilaterally by Planning staff if the projects met specific requirements ...

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  • Dr. Teresa Palmer
    SF's Covid Response

    Where Are Our Priorities?

  • Nursing homes are like cruise ships, and the outbreak at Central Gardens, here in the Western Addition is illustrative...

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  • MUNI image
    Students Protest Distance Learning

    8th Grader's Petition Sparks Controversy   

  • The school district needs to take student's mental health seriously. It should discourage teachers from assigning excessive work and scheduling extra meetings.

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  • Lou Barberinin image
    DA Boudin’s Struggles with Math and the Dictionary
  • San Francisco politicians wasted no time in using the chaos of the coronavirus to push through their agendas: street closures to nonexistent traffic, spreading the homeless to hotels in districts they don’t frequent, and the release of “non violent” prisoners...

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  • MUNI image
    Slow Streets

    Through Traffic Banned on Some Streets

  • 41st Avenue to Vicente & similar closures are on line to "increase walking and biking" that will impact Westsiders.

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  • MUNI image
    Transit Update

    MUNI Restores Some Services

  • While continuing to run Core service, additional Muni routes will start service or be adjusted beginning Saturday, April 25

    Check it out
  • Quentin Kopp
    Quentin Kopp

    Quentin takes on "Reverse Discrimination"

  • ...and he has cautionary reservations about vote-by-mail

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  • Lou Barberini
    Lou Barberini, CPA

    Don’t Mistake Life Insurance as an Investment Product

  • Lou is a CPA in the  West Portal  area.

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  • George Wooding
    Nuru, Breed and Willie Brown
    George Wooding
  • Nuru was not the FBI’s main target of the investigation—he was the bait to lure someone bigger.

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  • Kathy Howard
    Kathy Howard
    Earthday & Coyotes
  • ...a coyote attack raises the question... How do we coexist with wildlife?

    Check it out
  • Patrick Monette-Shaw
    Patrick Monette-Shaw
    Breed's Secrecy
  • ...suspending access to public records — even temporarily, is clearly dangerous to open government.

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  • Dr. Teresa Palmer
    Dr. Teresa Palmer

    Nursing Homes: Write a letter to Sacramento

  • Don't abandon our nursing homes — test everyone, staff and patients and sufficient PPE.

    Check it out
  • Lou Barberini
    Lou Barberini

    Scapegoating SFPD Officers

  • Anti-police groups ... justify anti-police biased perspectives of law enforcement.

    Check it out
  • K Rolph Morales
    K. Rolph Morales

    Distance Learning at SFUSD

  • —A New Challenge for Teachers 

    Check it out
  • Carol Kocivar
    Carol Kocivar

    Student's Covid-19 Stress and Coping

  • Children can learn to cope from you

    Check it out
  • Derek Kerr
    Dr. Derek Kerr

    Fentanyl & Meth Push Overdose Deaths to Record Highs

  • The other health crisis

    Check it out
  • John Farrell
    John Farrell

    Coronavirus Aftermath – What Does Our City Do Next?

  • ... City Hall must grapple with balancing the City’s budget and addressing our city’s priorities.

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  • Captain Rainsford
    Taraval Crime

    Crime stats are encouraging

  • ...down 18% in vehicle burglaries, 34% in burglaries, 28% in assaults, 14% in robberies and 6% in vehicle thefts.

    Check it out
  • Glenn Rogers
    The Next Pandemic
    Glenn Rogers

    Science and a few opinions are noted

  • Check it out

Previous Articles

  • We're Going Digital

    by Mitch Bull

    After 32 years, the Westside Observer will discontinue its printed version...

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  • Court Upholds $5 Million Whistleblower Judgment against City Attorney Herrera

    by Dr. Derek Kerr

    Taxpayer costs will exceed $5 million since the City has been paying the Keker & Van Nest law firm $850/hour to defend Herrera. They already billed the City $2,267,75, in September 2016...

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    See Her OpEd ...

  • Hold up on "insurance" for your water and sewer lines

    by Steve Lawrence

    Don’t be fooled: you’re being sold insurance. Do you have a choice? Yes you do…

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  • Auto Burglars Assail Westside, East Bay and Migrate to LA

    by Dr. Derek Kerr

    Because Bay Area smash-and-grab crews are known to local cops, they hit the road to ply their trade where they enjoy anonymity.

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  • Is City Hall Getting Nervous?

    London Breed is Falling Down

    by George Wooding

    … City Officials are worried that Nuru is about to negotiate a plea bargain deal naming names as he is facing twenty years in prison.

    Read More ...
  • The Chronicle Needs to Experiment with Reality

    by Lou Barberini

    The Chronicle relied entirely on a study by a solo graduate student, who was simultaneously working for the Department of Homelessness (HSH), as unbiased work, and justification for proposing homeless shelters on the west side where the homeless currently don’t reside.

    Read More ...
  • A Civic Duty: Digitize Neighborhood News

    “It’s a Newspaper’s Duty to Print the News and Raise Hell”

    by Patrick Monette-Shaw

    The Westside Observer has been a leading source of neighborhood news on the west side of San Francisco for the past 12 years...

    Read More ...
  • Cannabis Quagmire Foils City Plans

    by Dr. Derek Kerr

    This quagmire burdens taxpayers . . . In 2018-19 it collected $360,000, about half of its operating budget... But in 2019-20 it will collect zero application fees due to the logjam. Yet, its operating budget will top $1 million.

    Read More ...
  • Central Council Meeting

    by Mitch Bull

    ...a letter was sent to Supervisor Yee confirming the WOTPCC’s opposition to the Edgehill Way project, which was voted on last month — 5 houses at Kensington and Vasquez.

    Read More ...
  • A New Deal for California Homeless

    by John Farrell

    As she started becoming crazier and crazier I crossed the street to get away and protect my dogs. She started spitting at me and yelling profanities and that she wanted to kill me.

    Read More ...
  • Please Don't "Boardwalk" Golden Gate Park

    by Kathy Howard

    As part of Golden Gate Park’s 150th Anniversary celebration, Rec & Park is implementing two projects in the historic Music Concourse that could be detrimental to the very parkland and cultural features the department is seeking to celebrate..

    Read More ...
  • A CPA's Money Guide

    Community Property" Can Be More Expensive

    by Lou Barberini, CPA

    If your house or brokerage account is titled as “community property,” a surviving spouse will pay a probate tax when they receive their deceased spouse’s share.

    Read More ...
  • Real Travel


    by Sergio Nibbi

    So, a new adventure begins with the realization that endless trees are saved in the process while our electronic gadgets take over.

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