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Senior Call In

Behind Peskin’s Dark Maneuver

Sudden Death of Remote Public Comment

Patrick Monette-Shaw

It effectively punishes hundreds, if not thousands, who want to participate in our local government. Even worse, it will force those who have disabilities to disclose their special needs. Or face the burden of traveling to City Hall.

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Popular bay view

New Playgrounds for the Wealthy from Diverted Clean-up Funds

by Laurent Philonenko, Erin Roach & Evelyn Graham

Rec and Park’s plot to build a new boat harbor will close the Bay views and access from Marina Green.

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Star of India

Three Consecutive Burglaries at Star of India

by Jonathan Farrell

It cost Star of India nearly $5,000 to replace the glass doors and to put new bars up.

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London Breed

District Elections, London Breed & the Housing Exageration

by Quentin Kopp

Construction of new housing? I’ve concluded from present vacancies and dispirited new home construction the matter is extravagantly exaggerated by City Hall politicians and local media.

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Streets, sidewalks and roofs of cities all absorb heat during the day

SF at Sunset

Signs of Climate Change Beneath Our Feet

by Glenn Rogers

Unlike the temperature in the atmosphere — ground temperatures become increasingly warmer over time a recent study found

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Neighbor Power

Bench at Shaw&s Candy and Ice cream

Support for Shaw’s Candy Victims as New Evidence Emerges

by Thomas K. Pendergast

It is alleged that on the afternoon of September 27th, Janda was sitting on the bench in front of her ice cream shop.

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