Since We're Neighbors ...

It has been just over a month since I was sworn in as the District 7 Supervisor. I am grateful to the many neighbors and community members who trusted me to do the job, and I would also like to thank the talented and smart people who vied for this seat: Joel Engardio, Vilaska Nguyen, Stephen Martin Pinto, Ben Matranga, Emily Murase, and Ken Piper. Thank you for your energy, good ideas and spirit of civic engagement. I commit to working with all of you over the next four years to help us recover and improve the lives of people in our District.

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We will begin holding regular office hours in the community this month, as well as posting a monthly e-newsletter.

Aides Jen Low, Erica Maybaum (currently on maternity leave) Jennifer Fieber, Megan Imperiale meet on theSupervisor's patio. Not shown, Lila Carrillo who is filling in until Erica comes back

The events in our nation’s capital last month served to remind us that our Democracy is precious and that we are all responsible for maintaining it. I will work with all interested neighbors to support all our residents — including those who have been historically disadvantaged — to flourish here. I am committed to progress and equality, and will listen and collaborate, with a pragmatic focus on timely achievement of good results. I have been assigned to chair the Land Use and Transportation Committee at the Board of Supervisors, as well as representing the Board on the First Five Commission, where I hope to support our city’s investment in family supports for early education. Our district 7 office is up and running virtually, as City Hall is not yet open to the public. Our District 7 staff includes Jen Low, as Chief of Staff, Megan Imperiale and Lila Carrillo as legislative aides and Jennifer Fieber as administrative aide. We will strive to be promptly responsive and give the highest level of constituent services to our community. We will begin holding regular office hours in the community this month, as well as posting a monthly e-newsletter.

My priorities include reducing homelessness; increasing the availability of affordable housing and homeownership opportunities for San Franciscans; improving rent control protections for tenants; supporting small businesses, supporting the rights of workers, improving our public transportation infrastructure, reducing our city’s carbon footprint and expanding education opportunities for disadvantaged San Francisco youth and families. I will focus my efforts in the next few weeks on pandemic recovery and coordination, improving the Westside’s access to senior services, channeling resources to our small businesses, restoring and improving throughout District 7 and supporting the safety and resilience of neighborhoods and commercial corridors.

Please reach out to us at, and I look forward to working with you over the next four years to support our neighborhoods, and help pave the way for a bright future for the next generation. If there are topics of particular interest to you and your neighbors that you would like me to address more in depth through this column, email me at Stay safe, and stay healthy.

Supervisor Myrna Melgar lives and works in District 7.

March 2021

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