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Chase Bank Protest Planning
Westside neighbors prepare to protest in front of Chase Bank on West Portal

Westside Neighbors to Protest Climate-Hostile Banks

Chase Bank - West Portal - Tuesday, March 21st - 9:30am

••••• March 9, 2023 •••••

Chase Bank
Chase Bank is at 98 West Portal Avenue

On March 21 at 9:30 am a group of Westside neighbors will gather at the West Portal Chase bank branch (98 West Portal at Vicente) to demand that JP Morgan Chase stop financing the fossil fuel industry. Chase along with Wells Fargo, Citi and Bank of America dominate the funding of fossil fuel pipelines and expansion in the world, together loaning more than one trillion dollars to fossil fuel companies since the 2015 Paris Climate Accords.

We have all experienced the recent atmospheric river and long drought here in California. Climate destruction means the world our grandchildren inherit from us will be unrecognizable. What bank we use is an important decision consumers can make to help slow down and reverse climate change. We encouraged others to please join us on March 21 in front of the West Portal Chase bank.

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...encourage bank customers to close their Chase accounts and credit cards until Chase stops using customer deposits to fund climate destruction.”

The Westside neighbors will be asking the branch’s management to relay their concerns to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. They also will encourage bank customers to close their Chase accounts and credit cards until Chase stops using customer deposits to fund climate destruction. A 2021 survey found a majority of Americans were likely to switch their bank or credit card if they knew the bank or credit card company was investing in fossil fuel companies.

The action is coordinated by Third Act, a national environmental organization founded by journalist Bill McKibben last year designed to get people over the age of 60 working to defend our climate and our democracy. Third Act is coordinating over 75 protests in 23 states on March 21 outside the four climate-bad banks, including a 3:30 pm San Francisco protest at Wells Fargo headquarters (420 Montgomery) that the Westside residents also plan to attend. The SF Wells Fargo protest involves a coalition of large and small environmental justice groups, including Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth,, 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations among others. Nationally  even more organizations are involved.

Can't Protest? Here's what you can do: encourage anyone concerned about stopping banks from funding the fossil fuel industry to sign theBanking for our Future pledge pledging to close your Wells/Citi/Chase/BofA account and credit card if you have them, and to never open a Wells/Citi/Chase/BofA account or credit card if you don’t. The Third Act website offers guidance on how to pick an alternate bank or credit union and suggestions on the mechanics of making the switch. There are many other banks and credit unions who do not fund climate destruction who would love your business, many with lower fees, unlimited ATM access, cash back credit cards and whatever is important to your banking and credit card needs.

Ken Hoeger is part of Third Act, former director of the Miraloma Improvement Club and member of the West of Twin Peaks Neighborhood Council. He lives in Miraloma Park.

March 9, 2023

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