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Carol Kocivar / ON EDUCATION

PTA Awards

PTA Parents Help San Francisco Schools… again and again and again.

• • • • • • • • April 27, 2024 • • • • • • • •

I am going to let you in on a little-known secret.

The LARGEST parent advocacy association in California got started in San Francisco!

That’s right.  

The California State PTA got started in San Francisco way back in 1897 with the creation of the California Home and School Child Study Association. Those founders, including San Franciscan Phoebe Apperson Hearst, went on to create the national PTA in the same year in Washington DC.

  • Wonder why the cross walks at all schools in San Francisco are a colorful yellow to catch the attention of drivers?  That’s through the advocacy of PTA parents.


  • Wonder why San Francisco public schools have guaranteed funding for arts, music, sports, and libraries?  That’s with the advocacy of PTA parents.
  • Wonder why middle and high schools now have later start times to protect the health and safety of middle and high school students?  That’s through the advocacy of PTA parents.


Every year, the San Francisco PTA honors the many volunteers who step up and help in our schools and throughout the San Francisco community.


Here are the parents and school staff honored this from school throughout San Francisco. Congratulations!!!

2024 Spring Honorary PTA Service Awards, Second District PTA Units (SF, CA)

Emma Silvius - AP Giannini Middle School
"Emma goes above and beyond to support the school community. As a board member and vice president of the PTA she is in constant communication with the admin team and staff to ensure that we are supported."

Maureen Wong - Dianne Feinstein ES
"Maureen has helped out with running every single event that DFES has had in the past 3 years. She provides guidance for all of us new folks on the PTA and is always happy to lend a hand. She also makes the extra effort to build community among the PTA volunteers."

Alfred Louie - Sunset ES
"We are recognizing Alfred for his outstanding contributions over the years!  Alfred is passionate and full of ideas on keeping our students safe indoors during the pandemic and beautifying our outdoor spaces. He oversees the vendors, represents the stakeholders, and keeps everyone informed."

Kerry Rodriguez - Sunset ES
"Kerry joined the PTA as Parliamentarian and brought attention, clarification, and understanding to our PTA bylaws. She also dedicated many school days to thoughtfully and meticulously beautifying our school bulletin boards and community spaces as the Events Co-Chair!"

Kristine NG - Sunset ES
"Kristine's warmth and dedication shines brightly when she welcomes students, staff, and families alike to school as Hospitality chair, Events co-chair, and School Tours Lead. Her care, commitment, and professionalism has become an example for other parents to follow. " 

Lisa Lam - Sunset ES
"Lisa has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the well-being and success of all students. She has been a driving force in fostering an inclusive and equitable environment where every student and family is valued and supported, and builds a sense of belonging for many in our school. She goes above and beyond to connect families with valuable resources and support networks."

May Deng - Sunset ES
"May Deng embodies the essence of a true community superhero, seamlessly juggling the roles of Families of Sunset PTA President, physician's assistant, and devoted parent. May stands out as an exemplary leader, dedicating boundless energy to enriching the lives of our children, with the spirit of service and goes above and beyond to uplift our school and community!"

Amy Brownstein Lum - Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
"Amy served tirelessly as the Secretary last year, providing much needed guidance and continuity to a new Board. And this year she stepped up and coordinated an extremely complicated audition process for about 500 students to 14 arts departments (at SOTA)."

Emily del Real - Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
"Emily serves in the school office as Admin extraordinaire.  As parent at our school, she volunteers as the PTSA Membership Chair.  The past few years, she has also volunteered as a community connector for the one of our arts departments.  She helps our community connect and support all our students — always going above and beyond!"

Carly Chillmon - Francis Scott Key Elementary
"Carly bleeds blue and gold, is a fierce and loyal advocate for our school's families, all while bringing a positive, helpful, and truly joyful spirit to our school. Carly actually moves mountains and we’re so grateful she’s using her energy, determination, and care to help our school, kids, and community thrive."

Tina Paul Mulye -  Francis Scott Key Elementary/2D PTA
"Tina works hard to support her school communities above and beyond what’s required, whether she’s in a leadership role at FS Key ES, AP Giannini MS, or SF PTA!"

Sara Ferree - Galileo High School
"Sara Ferree is the Vice President for Hospitality at Galileo PTSA. She is very diligent, careful, enthusiastic and attends meetings regularly. Beside fulfilling her responsibility, she participated in other aspects, such as fundraising. Her dedication and contribution to PTSA deserve an award."

Suzi Mui - Galileo High School
"Suzi Mui is the Treasurer at Galileo PTSA. She is very diligent and careful. The treasure report is always very clear, in detail and timely.  Numerous checks are distributed without errors.  Her dedication and effort to our PTSA deserve an award."

Annicia Jones - Marina MS
"Ms. Jones is 110% in it for the students.  She puts all of herself into educating her students and broadening their horizons.  She is always working on improving their experience in and out of school.  I have not seen someone work so hard, giving so much to open the world up for her students.  She is kind, positive, and doesn't quit."

Callen Taylor - Marina MS
"Ms. Taylor - Librarian - takes on more than any sane person would, and she makes it all about the students. She is in 100% if it is for our students and if it is fun for them, too.  This is her second year as the Student Council Advisor and she really believes in the students’ abilities and helps them believe their own abilities." 

Stephanie Fealy - SF Public Montessori
"Ms. Fealy is an advocate for her students and families. She brings positive ideas to the table for the children and works tirelessly daily to bring more arts into our school."

Karla Bobadilla - Washington HS
She joined the PTA and has been in leadership roles ever since at Lafayette, Presidio, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, & George Washington High School.   Always willing to lend a helping hand in whatever role was needed, wearing many different hats – President, VP, Membership, Hospitality, Theatre Liaison, Fundraising and more!  Anyone who knows her, knows that she is an amazing human being who spreads sunshine everywhere she goes.

Carol Kocivar is a children’s advocate and lives in the Westside. Feedback:

April 27, 2024

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