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District 7 Clean Up

Dream's Come True: Get That Neighborhood Improvement Funded

Big or Small Participatory Budgeting Can Make It Happen

•••••••••• March 9, 2023 ••••••••••

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic process in which community members propose projects and collectively decide how to spend part of a public budget. It began in 2013 by then-Supervisor Norman Yee, and this year, Participatory Budgeting is back and improved! We are looking for bold and innovative ideas as well as necessary neighborhood improvement projects.

We hope to get as many different project ideas as we can, so be creative and tell us what your concerns, priorities, and ideas are. Please help us spread the word to your neighbors as we hope to expand community participation through this virtual process — every vote counts!


  • Project Proposal Period: March 15 - April 14
  • Virtual Information Session: March 20, 6 - 7 PM
  • Review Period: April 15 -  June 11 
  • Voting Period: June 12 - June 26
  • Announcement of Winners: July 3 - July 6
  • Funds released to Departments and Department Project Manager assigned: Fall 2023
  • Proposals must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on April 14, 2023.  Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


  • Successful applications will focus on activities responding to critical needs in the following areas: 
  • Community Resilience & Recovery: community capacity building, volunteer training, neighborhood beautification & improvements, etc.
  • Public Safety: whistles, safety kits, signs, lights, etc.
  • Disaster Preparedness: equipment, training, program expansion into new neighborhoods, etc.
  • Children and Seniors: programs, accessibility, and safety for young or elderly residents, etc. 
  • Vision Zero: pedestrian safety, traffic calming, bicycle safety, safety education programs, etc.


  • Successful project proposals will meet all of the following criteria for eligibility:
  • Proposals must be submitted by neighborhood associations, non-profits, merchant groups, or institutions located in District 7. 
    • Authoring entities not located in District 7 will be ineligible.
    • Individual residents and businesses must be sponsored by an organization.
  • Proposals must be for new projects that respond to a demonstrated community need. 
  • Only one proposal per author/group can be submitted. 
  • Proposals must align with at least one of the five priority area categories listed below. 
  • Proposals must be a one-time expenditure.
  • Proposals must benefit District 7 residents.
  • Proposals must receive a minimum of 400 votes to be eligible for funding. 
quote marks

The winning projects will be most closely reflective of the criteria and can be successfully completed with the funding allocated as a one-time grant. Members of this committee are ineligible to apply for Participatory Budgeting funding in order to avoid a conflict of interest.”


In order to have successful community projects, we have increased the grant amounts to be allocated to projects. Grants awarded will now receive up to $50,000 in funding. A total of $377,000 will be available for general projects and a total of $422,000 will be available for the category of Vision Zero.


All proposals must be submitted through the Google Form found here. Proposals must include all of the following to be considered:

  • • Contact information for the proposer and project lead (if different) 
  • • Detailed description of the proposed project
  • • Detailed budget for the proposed project
  • • Priority Area(s) addressed
  • • Neighborhoods and or communities served
  • • Description of community support for proposed project.


A committee of District 7 residents and community members who have subject-matter expertise will review and score proposals. We will have representatives from across District 7, including Park Merced, Twin Peaks, St. Francis Wood, Westwood Park, Balboa Terrace, Parkside, Sunnyside, Midtown Terrace, Miraloma, Inner Sunset, Golden Gate Heights, Westwood Highlands, Ingleside Terraces, and Forest Knolls.

The winning projects will be most closely reflective of the criteria and can be successfully completed with the funding allocated as a one-time grant. Members of this committee are ineligible to apply for Participatory Budgeting funding in order to avoid a conflict of interest. 


  • Expand volunteer-based community litter pick-up and beautification program in West Portal ($1,600)
  • Improve traffic flow and safety at the intersection of Yerba Buena Avenue and Miraloma Drive ($37,500)
  • Install a pedestrian refuge island and analyze the crosswalk for feasibility of flashing beacons to improve pedestrian safety ($40,000)
  • Establish a workforce development program to prepare teens and young adults to grow professionally and develop fulfilling careers that uplift our community ($132,000)
  • Create community sports hub, including volleyball nets, a basketball hoop, a baseball diamond, and picnic tables at Sloat Elementary School ($25,000)
  • Install new string lights and new garbage cans along the Lakeside commercial corridor to encourage foot traffic and reduce litter ($44,000)
  • Fund murals, seating, and lighting along the Monterey Business District to elevate the corridor and provide additional community spaces ($50,000)
  • Expand the community building and disaster resilience through Neighborfests that will provide comprehensive training and strategies to help communities navigate a disaster ($50,000)
  • Create a community garden, emergency response hub, and gathering space for community disaster preparedness at Aptos Middle School ($45,000)

QUESTIONS?  Contact Emma Heiken - 

Myrna Melgar is the Supervisor for District 7

March 9, 2023

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Myrna Melgar
Supervisor Myrna Melgar

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